Today is the 200th Edition of The Morning Brew – many thanks to all of you who read daily. I’d like to claim that the release of Silverlight 2 later today was timed to coincide with this publishing milestone, but I suspect that its unrelated really 🙂


  • FileMap now on GitHub – Tomas Restrepo announces some minor updates to his FileMap library, a wrapper for .NET to acess the Win32 Memory Mapped Files API.
  • SequenceViz 0.11 :: Reflector Addin support – Nauman Leghari announces the release of SequenceViz 0.11, now including an addin for Lutz Roeder / RedGate Reflector, allowing you to obtain sequence diagrams within Reflector.


  • Silverlight 2 RTM – Guy Barrette has the links to the different parts of the Silverlight 2 release announcement.
  • Microsoft Silverlight 2 Released – RealWorld Software Development have a nice write up on the Silverlight 2 release announcement.
  • Client Templating with jQuery – Rick Strahl explores the power of templating in jQuery, with a look at the more traditional way of doing client side templates followed by a look at the jQuery way.
  • Functional .NET – LINQ or Language Integrated Monads? – Matthew Podwysocki looks at the implementation of Monads in .NET with some background and examples of the Identity Monad, the Maybe Monad, the collection monad and the Asynchronous monad in both C# and F#
  • Survey Time: What .NET Framework features do you use? – Scott Hanselman is running a simple 1 question poll to help Microsoft get an idea what technologies people are using in their projects. It takes all of 15 seconds to fill out, so go and help out.
  • Mass Transit – Part 1 of N – Tim Barcz starts a series of posts looking at the messaging passing framework Mass Transit. This introductory piece talks about some of the background to products like Mass Transit.
  • Custom Selection Heuristics in Ninject – Nate Kohari talks about some of the new features of the forthcoming NInject 1.5, focusing on how NInject decides what to inject where.
  • IE8 and the horse’s mouth – Alan highlights a Technical Chat about Internet Explorer 8 beta where you can ask your questions and get answers from the IE8 product team.
  • Make Visual Studio Generate Your Repository – Rob Conery looks at T4 templates for code generation in Visual Studio 2008 as a means of generating repositories for his SubSonic MVC Addin
  • Architecture Journal 17 – Distributed Computing – Mike Walker announces the availability of the 17th edition of the Microsoft Architecture Journal, this month focusing on Distributed Computing. Looks like they’ve redesigned the cover too this month – I look forward to getting my paper copy in the post shortly.


  • Agenda for the 7th DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Day – After months of session submission and voting, the final agenda for Developer Developer Developer Day 7 has been announced – as usual the line up looks great – now I wonder when you will be able to sign up – watch this space and I’ll let you know as soon as I do.