Quite a lot of software in today’s edition


  • MassTransit 0.4 Released – Chris Patterson announces the release of version 0.4 of Mass Transit, a lean service bus implementation. This new release adds a bunch of new features along with a number of improvements and fixes.
  • Karvonite – Agile Persistence Framework – Karvonite is a persistence framework for the .NET Compact Framework and XNA Framework, and aims to help developers in moving in memory objects to the data store. This project has just reached its first CTP (September 2008)
  • Clean that Project – Ron Jacobs releases a little utility to clean out your solution ready to zip up and send to other developers, focusing on removing bin and obj directories, along with test results, etc.
  • SubSonic MVC Scaffold Addin – Rob Conery releases a Visual Studio Add-in which generates scaffolded views and controllers for ASP.NET MVC using Linq to SQL for the data connections. Rob plans to add support for SubSonic to this tool at a later date. Both MSI installer and Binary zip are available, along with a screen cast so you can see what its all about before installing yourself.
  • Announcing the Test Driven Development Productivity Plugin for Resharper – Eric Hexter releases a neat ReSharper plugin which allows you to move classes between projects, and talks a little about how his need for this came from test driven development where classes that didn’t exist were being created by resharper in his test projects rather than his actual implementation project.