I had another very enjoyable evening at Geekup Liverpool last night learning a little about iPhone Development, and having my friendly group of Ruby on Rails fans try to convert me to Rails over Chinese food after the event.



  • How Do Locks Lock? – Jeff Moser takes a detailed look at locking, and talks about how locks actually work. The comments also make good reading.
  • Emulating Java Enums in .NET – F# Edition – Matthew Podwysocki looks at Java style Enums in the .NET space, with a bit of consideration for C# and a shows how F# Discriminated Unions are a good fit for Java Style Enums.
  • More code review errors – Ayende follows up on from yesterday with another method simplification , again concentrating on nest level of if statements. One worthy reminder, when doing this type of refactoring it is vital to have some certainty (i.e some tests) which help guarantee that you aren’t breaking things without noticing.
  • Decorator Pattern – David Hayden shows two implementations of the decorator pattern, showing how this is an alternative to using techniques like Postsharp AOP and unity policy injection.
  • Generic C# WinForms – Chris Brandsma looks at using Generics in his winforms to help gain reuse of common functionality with strongly typed specific controls.
  • F# WiKi – Paul Mooney highlights a great looking F# resource from Rob Pickering
  • Testing – It’s About Ensuring Correctness – Tim Barcz enthuses about the worth and importance of testing – and also talks about the importance of even testing those things that are very simple (as they often have mistakes too).
  • Separate Assemblies != Loose Coupling – Jeremy D. Miller talks about needless complexity caused by separating everything out into separate assemblies, and how that doesn’t directly help achieve Loose coupling.


  • Oren Eini is coming to Bristol – The DotNetDevNet user group, based in Bristol, UK are going to be the luck recipients of a talk from Oren Eini (possibility better known as Ayende Rahien) on the 13th October – based on the interviews and screencasts I’ve seen this should be well worth attending if you are in the area as Ayende is a well respected and very knowledgeable guy in the .NET space.