I had another enjoyable evening last night at the monthly Liverpool Users of .NET (LUODN) meeting – Many thanks to Paul Kinlan for a good follow along session on Silverlight2.

Also I’d like to express thanks to Keyvan Nayyeri for his kind words about this blog in his recent post on link blogs.



  • Partitioning an ASP.NET MVC application into separate "Areas" – Steve Sanderson attempts to find solution to allow better organisation of controllers and views in ASP.NET MVC. Be sure to check out the follow up to this post for some improvements to the routing used in this post.
  • Blog watch: Pex series – Jonathan de Halleux (Peli) highlights a series of posts on Pex by Alexander Nowak
  • How to Implement Pingback Handler in ASP.NET – Keyvan Nayyeri continues on his theme of Blog Engine related technologies with a look at implementing a handler for the PingBack operation. As usual, full source is available.
  • Using client templates, part 1 – Bertrand Le Roy looks at the templating functionality of the ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview Release 1.
  • Lazy Loading With The LazyList – Rob Conery gets lazy with his lists with some help from Ayende and K Scott Allen, as they implement a LazyList collection and work around some issues with Linq To SQL
  • Looking for .NET projects to contribute to – Karl Seguin talks about and asks for suggestions of .NET projects which want junior developers to get involved in their project. The comments look to be building up into a good resource.
  • Entities dependencies best practices – Ayende gives a detailed reply to a mailing list post looking at how you would go about dealing with the need to encrypt a value for storage in the database and have the value available in the entity
  • Logging – the AOP way – Ayende gives a nice example of Aspect Oriented Programming to implement logging using the Castle Windsor AOP.
  • Code Reviews are not just about the code – Ayende talks about other things that you can look at above and beyond code in a code review, things like commit patterns and (lack of) check in comments.


  • MbUnit @ ThoughtWorks geek night – Andrew Stopford will be talking on MBUnit at the ThoughtWorks Geeknight in Manchester on 27th August. I’ve only made it to one of these events so far, but was very impressed with the quality of talks and discussion afterwards. Chris Morris is also speaking at this event on Quality Goals for development.