I had a very enjoyable evening over at VBUG Manchester last night where Colin Mackay gave a interesting talk on the new Spatial Data Types in SQL Server 2008


  • Using Speech in Visual Studio – Phil Denoncourt shares an interesting little addin for Visual Studio which allows you to use voice commands for activating certain parts of the VS UI


  • TypeConverter, Arrays and ASP.NET – Tomas Restrepo talks about the Design Time support for properties of user controls, Type converters and the solution of a problem caused by his type converter.
  • How to review NHibernate application – Ayende posts a useful list of things to watch out for when code reviewing an NHibernate based application.
  • Impedance Mismatch Reframing – Greg Young posts an interesting response to a post about the Entity Framework debate – thankfully this one focuses on the technical argument, and is interesting reading.
  • Introduction on how to use Reflector – A DimeCasts.Net screen cast on using the wonderful tool ‘Reflector’. It still amazes me that there are developers out there who aren’t aware of this tool.
  • LINQ Farm: More on the LINQ Aggregate Operators – Charlie Calvert runs through the seven aggregate operators in LINQ
  • Arrange Act Assert and BDD specifications – Jimmy Bogard looks at Arrange Act Assert style unit testing in Rhino Mocks, with a particular focus on splitting out his behaviour from the test setup in his BDD tests.
  • Preview and Questions on the next Isolator API – The Typemock team show of the proposed new API for Typemock Isolator which is heading in an AAA (Arrange Actt Assert) direction. Now they want your feedback on the ideas to help improve the product.