The Morning Brew should be back to normal this week – being at home makes putting this together a lot easier.


  • Announcing IronEditor – An Editor for IronRuby, IronPython and other DLR languages – Ben Hall announces the release of Build of his Editor for DLR based languages. This is an early preview of what is to come, and Ben clearly states that this release is purely part of his release early and often strategy to get some feedback.
  • Abidar 1.0 Beta 1 – Keyvan Nayyeri gives the low down on his new task scheduler system developed with Dave Burke which originated as a series of blog posts. The Code and binary release of this beta is on CodePlex.
  • Release: LinqToWMI Release 0.3 – LinqToWMI 0.3 is released. This is an updated version (to .NET 3.5) of some original work by Emile Bosch, allowing you to perform LINQ queries on all the information exposed by WMI.