• CR_Documentor Released: Now With Sandcastle Preview and Open Source Goodness – Travis Illig announces the availability of CR_Documentor – an IDE plugin which gives you a preview of the XML comment as it would be rendered in the generated documentation.
  • SQL Load Test Tool – Peter Provost talks a new tool for Team Systems which generates Team Systems unit tests from SQL Profiler traces allowing you to do database load testing.
  • Announcing the .NET Extension Library – Karl Seguin is rethinking his earlier views on Extension Methods, and has released this library of Extension methods that add core functionality to help develop your projects. One suce example is some help for caching. Project is hosted on CodePlex.
  • Open Source ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Portal – Omar AL Zabir annouces an update to his DropThings sample portal written in .NET 3.5. Full source code is available on CodePlex.