I relaxed and watched two DVD’s last night – its been a long time since I managed that. Anyway, on with today’s links:


  • SubSonic 2.1 Released – Rob Conery announces the release of SubSonic 2.1, with an appeal to any early adopters to write about the new features to aid with the documentation for this release.


  • MVC Controller Action Security Hole – Troy Goode looks at a potential security risk in ASP.NET MVC applications which pass request and cookie values straight into the controller as action parameters.
  • User Input In Sheep’s Clothing – Phil Haack responds to the same issues by being technology agnostic and reminding everyone of one of the golden rule of programming – Never trust user input – no matter how you get given it.
  • Signing an Unsigned Assembly (without Delay Signing) – OJ Reeves looks at signing third party unsigned assemblies in this step by step article with some nice diagrams.
  • C# Mixins – Craig Andera looks at creating mixins using C# Extension Methods.
  • EasyHook – The reinvention of Windows API hooking – Christoph Husse writes about the EasyHook CodePlex project in the code project article. EasyHook is a support library for hooking into Windows APIs and this detailed article shows its use in a number of ways.
  • Classes that show up in every project – Jeremy D. Miller talks about the classes he ends up with in every project. One thing he doesn’t mention is if these are all created fresh each time, or if they are the same across all of his projects.
  • Waegis – The Web Cleaner – Keyvan Nayyeri announces the official launch of his Waegis blog spam protection service, with free accounts for smaller sites, and plugins for the common .NET blogging products.
  • Use this NHibernate wrapper to keep your repository classes simple – Jeffrey Palermo shares his SessionBuilder NHibernate Helper class. I think everyone who works with NHIbernate has something similar to this, but as always its good to see how others are going about it.
  • Response.Redirect and Response.End – Gunnar Peipman talks about two of the survivors from the Classic ASP Days, and how they can be used to redirect a user to a page and continue processing the old request.


  • Alt.Net UK September – Ian Cooper announces the dates and venue for the next Alt.Net UK (un)conference. Registration opens on Friday (11th July) at 7am, and I suspect places will go quickly