A slightly larger than usual edition today to make up (and allow me to catch up) for yesterday’s smaller post.


  • Sandcastle Source Code published in Codeplex – The Sandcastle team announce that Sandcastle source code has now been published on Codeplex, after the Sandcastle project was removed from codeplex due to not publishing source. This is great news, the project has a real home once more, and the community get to poke at the source!
  • Moonlight 0.7 is now Available – Miguel de Icaza announces the availability of MoonLight 0.7. Moonlight is the Mono project’s Silverlight equivalent, and this release brings improved browser compatibility along with some under the hood changes to help bring in Silverlight 2.0 compatibility.
  • Typemock Isolator 4.3 Released! – The TypeMock team announce the release of Isolator 4.3, the first version not to support .NET 1.1. The release note behind the link contain full details of the changes.
  • IIS7 PowerShell Provider Tech Preview 2 – The IIS team announce the release of a second technology preview of their PowerShell provider and cmdlets.


  • NUnit’s Generic Test Fixtures – Charlie Poole highlights a newly added feature in NHibernate 2.5. This Generic Test Fixture functionality will be included in the forthcoming alpha 3 release.
  • Health monitoring action filter for ASP.NET MVC – Alex Thissen looks into using ASP.NET MVC Filters to capture monitoring information so you can see what is going on in your application using performance counters, etc.
  • Writing your own RTF Converter – Jani Giannoudis writes about creating an RTF parser and converter in the well thought out article. I’m sure the sample code will come in useful for many people.
  • The Weekly Source Code 30 – VB.NET with XML Literals as a View Engine for ASP.NET MVC – Scott Hanselman looks into using VB.NET And XML Literals to create views in the ASP.NET MVC Framework. Its a neat idea, and the VB.NET XML support is really good – I wonder if it will ever make it into C#?
  • Where mocking fails – Ayende looks at a case where his mock object suffered from a case of mock abuse
  • .NET Code Injection – Damian Mehers writes about inserting some .NET code into the Media Center application in order to work around a deficiency in the media centre plugin API. Interesting and technical reading.
  • HttpModule For Timing Requests – Phil Haack looks at hooking into the request pipeline via a HttpModule to get timings of request processing time. This is a technique I’ve used a few times and works really well. Phil’s example writes the time taken to the send of the response, In the past I’ve written to log files so its can be used without users noticing.
  • Hotfix access on Code Gallery – Somasegar announces the availability of self serve hot fixes from the MSDN Code Gallery – this should make it easier to find hotfixes as the old connect site was might harder to use.
  • ASP.Net Compilation and Merge Tool (Part 1 of 2) – Naveed Akhtar takes a look at the ASP.NET Compiler to precompile you ASP.NET application, with a look at the benefits in performance and security.
  • Action Extensions – leppie takes a look at running multicast delegates in parallel
  • How to configure Log4Net for use with NHibernate – The NHibernate FAQ Blog talks about the setup of Log4Net with NHibernate. Using Log4Net really makes debugging NHibernate problems a lot easier, as in debug mode it writes a huge amount of information to the log which is very useful when trying to find out what went wrong.