Many thanks to those who responded to my question about post length in yesterday’s Morning Brew. The responses varied dramatically from people asking for more links, to those suggesting only 3 a day. I’ve tried to be a little more selective today, and think I’m going to settle on around about the average from the first 100 posts of about 8-12 links a day depending on the content available. I’m also going to try to get my preparation time back down to an hour (it’s been rising quite a bit lately).


  • Working faster and fewer mapping errors with NHibernate – Jeremy D. Miller explains how he tests his NHibernate mappings as a response to yesterday’s post by David Laribee
  • Concurrency in .NET – Learning from Erlang – Matthew Podwysocki borrows some ideas on concurrent programming from the Erlang Language. During my recent F# talk there were a number of questions and comments about F# supporting some of these techniques, and here Matthew looks at message passing.
  • Deploying Database Developments – Alexander Karmanov as written a detailed article on managing and deploying databases, including details of upgrades, best practices for developing on the database. This is a very interesting article, and I think most teams could improve their process by adopting some (or all) of these techniques.
  • Foundations of Programming – pt 9 – Proxy This and Proxy That – Karl Seguin continues his series with a look at the virtual keyword, and the wonders of dynamic proxies in frameworks such as NHibernate and RhinoMocks.
  • MVC guru == PhD wannabe? – Paul Lockwood puts out an appeal to the community to not let articles on ASP.NET MVC suffer from feature creep by bringing in too many concepts which may be unfamiliar to the average (or below) developer. I agree whole heartedly – getting these good developer practices adopted should be done via baby steps, introducing a little bit at a time.
  • Introducing ConcurrentStack < T > – Cristina Manu talks about one of the Synchronised collections available as a part of the Parallel Extensions library.


  • Manning – One Free Ebook a day – Manning are running a daily draw with the prize being a free EBook from their collection, and every entrant is eligible for every days draw, and a chance to win the whole library in 1 months time.