A lot of continuations of series and software releases in today’s brew – I think we might be in the slump of people recovering from TechEd


  • ReSharper 4.0 GA – ReSharper, the Visual Studio Addin which provides a huge number of enhancements to the IDE has made it to a V4 release – Personal Licences available from 105 Euro
  • LLBLGen Pro v2.6 has been released! – Frans Bouma announces the availability of LLBLGen Pro v2.6, a commercial OR Mapper, with support for LINQ to LLBLGen, .NET 3.5 support, better memory usage and support for a wide range of databases it looks like a good release. Prices from 179 Euro per seat.
  • Dizzy published – Justin Etheredge releases ‘Dizzy’, a library of high order methods (such as map, foreach, repeat, etc). Source code available, along with 100% coverage unit tests!
  • jQuery UI v1.5 Released, Focus on Consistent API and Effects – While not specifically .NET, the jQuery UI is interesting enough to web developers to cross platform boundaries, especially as it has a shiny new release.