• Introducing Project Codename "Velocity" – Microsoft make a significant announcement at TechEd – they are about to enter the distributed cache market with their latest product, codenamed Velocity. From what I’m reading this is a very memcached type of implementation, and the first CTP is already released – I will be checking that out real soon!
  • Prism: New drop published – Ezequiel Jadib announces the availability of the latest drop of Prism – the composite WPF application block from the Patterns and Practices team.
  • Windows Installer 4.5 is now available! – The Windows Installer Team announce the final release of Windows Installer 4.5 with a number of new and improved features – more details in their post behind the link.
  • ReSharper 4.0 Release Candidate – The JetBrains folks have released the Release Candidate for version 4 of their IDE enhancement tool