So, I’ve made it to 100 editions of the Morning Brew – When I started this back in January I really didn’t expect it to last this long – and now with 100 editions, with no days missed out (apart from the planned UK Bank Holidays), and having been overseas a couple of times and still managing to get the brew out I think I’ve got the process licked.

Since this is a significant edition, here are some (useless) facts:

  • To date, there have been 1118 links planned for inclusion within the Morning Brew ( a few escape as I typo the tags needed for inclusion) – giving an average of 11 links per day
  • According to Google Reader Trends, I read the most blogs in the hour of 7am in the morning (when I typically prepare the day’s edition)
  • Another Google Reader statistic, during the past 100 editions of the Brew I will have read about 17000 blog entries from some 400 subscriptions.

Anyway, my thanks to the people that are actually reading and enjoying The Morning Brew, and now on with the normal content:


  • Pex 0.5 Released – Nikolai Tillmann announces the release of Pex 0.5 under the Microsoft Research License. Pex is a tool that automatically (and intelligently) generates unit test for many edge cases, and uses techniques like parametrized units tests and Dynamic Symbolic Execution. All very interesting stuff – I really need to have a play with this stuff.
  • ReSharper 4 Beta – A beta release of Resharper 4 has been released, while they mention that its not a complete product yet there is still a lot of excellent features included