• Correct by Construction in F# – Jomo Fisher looks at one of the features of F# – which helps avoid null exceptions at compile time.
  • Live Mesh Tech Preview – Microsoft launch a technology preview of their new cloud like services providing centralized storage across multiple devices and shared programs and live desktop.
  • Live Mesh : Live Mesh as a Platform – Mike Zintel , Product Unit Manager on the Mesh and Storage Platform team, gives some more details on Mesh
  • Give back to your testing framework – Yoav Sion looks at extending testing frameworks by using attributes to add Assignment, Serialization, the existence of attributes.
  • Where should the ASP.NET team release stuff? – Scott Galloway summarises the current locations and then asks for advice. It is confusing that add-on parts are located all over the place – it makes finding them and keeping them up to date more difficult
  • Wrong .Net Version being loaded – Sergio Pereira runs into one of the most frustrating issues with multiple .NET versions – the ‘Only One CLR per process’ problem
  • ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 4 – Rob Conery resumes his MVC tutorial series after a break for the MVP summit. This instalment looks at data access strategies.