I spent yesterday afternoon being quite impressed by the internationalisation support in ASP.NET 2 – Hopefully I’ll get round to writing a bit about it at a later date.


  • Timeline .NET – Rob Chartier’s latest project is a.NET wrapper for the MIT Simile Timeline API – a nice way of including a graphical representation of time based data in your web apps.
  • Announcing MultiFunctionMachineMachine – Jacob Lewallen announces the release of his helper libraries – containing support code for Windsor, a custom IOC implementation, AOP, Migrations in .NET it looks well worth a look.
  • Community Server 2008, Beta 2 now available! – Telligent announce the availability of the latest beta of Community Server 2008
  • Prism Drop 2 – Glenn Block announces the release of the latest drop of Prism the Patterns and Practices tool for Composite WPF Applications