OK, I’m now suffering from MIX08 content overload – there is an awful lot being blogged out of MIX08, and lots of it is interesting, but if I see any more posts of the same SilverLight samples and the same links I think I might go crazy. That said, a few MIX links made it into today’s brew.



  • Link building 101 with ASP.Net MVC – Derik Whittaker shows three ways of building a link in ASP.NET MVC
  • Just writing unit tests is not good enough – Matt Berther talks about TDD and writing tests before you write production code then using the IDE to help build the required code
  • Forms Authentication with the MVC Framework – Mike Hadlow shows how traditional ASP.NET functionality still applies with the new ASP.NET MVC framework, showing how you can implement forms authentication MVC style
  • SQL Server tools suck, do you agree? – Simon Sabin attempts to get support for the idea of moving the SQL Server tools out of the engine release cycle, so the tools can be improved and released more frequently
  • MIX | Sessions – All the videos of sessions from MIX are being gathered here – so if all the blog chatter about the releases hasn’t put you off there is a wealth of information still to be gained.
  • New drop of ASP.NET MVC Framework now available – Jeffrey Palermo gives his impressions on the new MVC framework features.
  • Sensible Debugging in IE 8 – Rick Strahl talks about some of the developer features of IE8 – I wonder if the final release of IE8 will include the developer features as standard