Graffiti 1.0 Released – Telligent release Graffiti CMS, with free licenses (3 users) for not for profits, and commercial licenses starting at $399

Rhino Mocks 3.4 Released – Oren Eini (Ayende) announces the release of version 3.4 of this mocking framwork – and is already planning 3.5


IoC and the Unity Application Block – Matthew Podwysocki gives an introduction to Unitiy, the Microsoft IoC project

Unity Application Block Feb 2008 CTP – Kurt Claeys ports a Spring.NET example to Microsoft’s IoC CTP

Application Architecture, Software Development Frameworks, ORM, MVC/P and the Holy Grail – Part 1 – Tim Huffam talks about some of the key technology decisions that need to be made before you start any project

The custom MSBuild task cookbook – A step by step guide to building custom MSBuild Tasks, with lots of screenshots

Data Caching Using Custom Attributes – An example of how you can cache method calls based on attributes specifying the cache settings

A tale of Parallel.For in ParallelFX – A real comparison of parallel and non-parallel code doing matrix multiplication, including some of the pitfalls

SQL: If Exists Update Else Insert – Jeremiah Clark gives a good tip on making the Save stored procedure a little more efficient

Kigg – A Digg like application developed in ASP.NET MVC – Kazi Manzur Rashid has been busy building a sample application for the .NET MVC framework – using MVC, LINQ to SQL, ASP.NET Ajax, VSTest and NUunit, and Rhino mocks – along with powering a live site it certainly looks worth a look.

Sound of one man testing – Derik Whittaker talks about the effect of having one person doing TDD within a non TDD team