I’m glad I prepared a few days of these in advance – I can’t seem to get the wifi in the hotel working. The software category is proving to be the hardest to fill – If anyone has any recommendations of sources of information, or has just released a new version of their tool, software or library drop me a line


Overriding Core Object Methods – Rob Conery talks about three methods that all our classes in .NET have.

Learning WPF through F#, and vice versa, by John Liao – Don Syme gathers together a huge collection of F# tutorials covering a number of .NET technologies, but mainly WPF. Kill two birds with one stone by learning a new language along with a new technology. The Examples are based on Petzold’s "Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation" book

Volume Shadow Copies from DotNet – Volume Shadow Copy allows you to make copies of files that are currently locked – very useful for backing things up, like the PST example here.

Introduction to XUnit – Ben Hall give a comparison of the new XUnit Testing framework with his favoured framework, MBUnit .