Subkismet 1.0 Released : Keyvan Nayyeri – Version 1.0 release of this anti spam toolkit – contains various CAPTCHA controls, integration with Aksimet, Google Safe Browsing API and a trackback spam blocker

SketchPath – Rich user interface for working with and building XPath expressions. Very useful when developing with XSLT


Dynamic Typing More Superior? – An interesting discussion of Static vs Dynamic TYping – be sure to check out the comments on the post too..

Refactoring C# with PowerShell – Aaron Lerch details an interesting use of Powershell – Makes DOS batch files look very antiquated.

Dynamically Invoke Generic Methods – Simplifying reflection on methods that involve generics.

Using PropertyGrid – Article giving an overview of the Property Grid Control


A Coder’s Guide to Coffee – Coffee is very important – here are some best practices