The Liverpool members of the team (Myself, Mike, Derek,  and Thom)assembled at Lime Street station with blury eyes  for the 6:07 train to Euston.  Reports indicate that Sunny has made it to his train from Manchester too, so hopefully we should all converge at Euston.

IMG_2404a Attempts on the train to get us all networked and sharing a single Internet connection failed abysmally, mainly due to my laptops refusal to see any one elses.  Some of the guys managed to get  in a little bit of gaming along the way, lighting up the carriage with the sounds of Grand Theft Auto – I’m sure that the other occupants really enjoyed the sounds of their mega violence. 

Yesterday, we got our hosting for our Hack set up ready, and the team blog is also configured.  Hopefully by the time we arrive the domain will have successfully registered and be pointing to the right place. 

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