• Log Parser Studio 2.0 now out (Log Parser GUI++) - Greg Duncan highlights the latest release of LogParser Studio, a GUI environment for working with the LogParser 2.2 which allows you to issue SQL like queries against a wide range of log file formats.


  • String concatenation behind the scenes, part one - Eric Lippert kicks off a new series of posts looking the art and science of string concatenation, looking at some of the optimisations he worked on that got included in the C# compiler.
  • Don’t Write Code You Don’t Need - Erik Dietrich shares some sage advice about writing too much code and exposing too much of your code to the consumers of that code, along with the perils of Mutability.
  • Hidden Code Mines - Phil Haack discusses a concept he is calling code mines, those bits of innocuous code which would get skipped over in a code review, but actually contain some subtle bug which will explode when you least expect.
  • 3 Pillars of Pragmatic Agility - David Starr highlights his latest article for Visual Studio Magazine which proposes a new standard for agile software development which builds on the work of the last 12 years of being agile in a variety of forms.
  • AGENT: The World’s Smartest Watch - Rob Chartier takes a look at AGENT, the smart watch which is based upon the .NET Micro Framework with an API allowing .NET developer to leverage the power of a small write mounted device.


  • DareDevs: TDD, where did it all go wrong - DareDevs (formerly Manchester / Warrington NxtGenUG) welcome Ian Cooper for a session on TDD, and how it has evolved since the original TDD rules, this Wednesday evening (19 June)
  • Events | CraftyCoders - The Crafy Coders (Bromsgrove) have a sessions from Dan Kendall, Neil Barnwell and Jay McGuiness/James Morcom on Thursday 20th June 2013 where they will all be exploring Builds and Deployment. Crafty Coders are also running a whole day (Saturday) Code Retreat on Saturday 31st August.