• Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is here - The Visual Studio Team announce the release of Visual Studio 2012 Update 1, their first update to the latest Visual Studio / TFS release. Further details can be found in Somasegar’s announcement - , focusing on the big ticket items in the update, Brian Harry -discusses why you should update, and Charles Sterling over on the Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog gives details of the smaller features and improvements across Visual Studio and TFS
  • Windows Azure Training Kit - November 2012 - Dr. Z highlights the release of the Windows Azure Training Kit for November 2012, which includes updated labs for the new Azure SDK, Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8, a new LAB for Windows 8 consuming Mobile Services, along with all the other great content.
  • jQuery UI 1.9.2 - The jQuery UI Team announce the release of their second maintenance release of jQuery UI 1.9, including bug fixes across a number of the UI controls
  • Announcing PostSharp 3 CTP - Gael Fraiteur announces the openign of the CTP programme for PostSharp 3, available via the Visual Studio Gallery and NuGet, highlighting some of the new features including Smart Tag support in the IDE, VS2012 Support, support for Windows Store Apps, Silverlight, and Windows Phone and much more.


  • Portable Areas three years later - Part 5 - Eric Hexter revisits an old series, taking a look back at the Portable Areas implementation for ASP.NET MVC, and looking at how its has evolved over the past three years
  • RabbitMQ On Windows With .NET, A Case Study - Mike Hadlow shares an interesting case study of the use of RabbitMQ in a Windows Based .NET Application he has been working on for a recent client, discussing their use of RabbitMQ and implementation of an opensource .NET wrapper for RabbitMQ
  • Ten Ways to Ensure Windows Azure-Based Applications Are Architected for Success - Douglas Chrsytall, Neil Mackenzie & Shay Yannay shares 10 key factors to consider carefully when designing you Windows Azure based applications to ensure that the application architecture is good, exploring everything from performance and scale out to backup and restore.
  • Improving LINQ code reusability: Select method - Rui Jarimba discusses factoring out the select part of Linq statements into functions to allow reuse between LINQ Statements and also to aid readability, illustrating with examples.
  • Who could ask for more with LESS CSS? (Part 1 of 3 - Features) - ‘.ToString(theory);’ discusses the benefits of CSS Precompilers, looking at some of the key features and urging us to consider using such tools in our future projects
  • DataBinding performance in WinRT and the Bindable attribute - Jérôme Laban discusses the use of the Bindable attribute in C# classes to allow Metro Applications to generate static meta data, the improvements this gives to data binding performance, and the knock on cost in JITing.
  • 31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #26: Gyrometer - Jeff Blankenburg and Clark Sell continue their joint series on Windows 8 Store Application Development in C#/XAML and HTML/JS respectively with a look at the use of the Gyrometer sensor in applications, sharing sample code to read data from the sensor.