Seems like everyone’s New Year Resolution was to blog more, with a number of ‘dead’ feeds springing back to life this weekend.


  • Back to Basics: Explore the Edge Cases or Date Math will Get You – Scott Hanselman talks about the dangers of trying to handle date calculations, and how you should always test the edge cases for such code.
  • Lucene.Net – Text Analysis – Andrew Smith looks at the different text analysers that Lucene provides and how they affect your searching. Andrew follows up with –Lucene.Net Custom Synonym Analyzer looking in more detail at the Synonym Analyser.
  • NHibernate Profiler Review – Davy Brion gives a detailed review of the first public beta of Ayende’s NHibernate Profiler, with plenty of screenshots
  • DI/IOCs – Sacha Barber explores some of the theory and features of Windsor Container and the Unity IOC Container in this Code Project Article.
  • Fun With Named Formats, String Parsing, and Edge Cases – Phil Haack explores string formatting using named replacements rather than the standard numerical ones, including some discussion of escaping special characters
  • IoC on Silverlight – Nicholas Blumhardt highlights some of the progress that has been made by a number of the Inversion of Control frameworks on moving to support Silverlight.
  • Bindings, Bindings and more Bindings – Benjamin Wulfe shows some of the power of Bindings in WPF, showing how they can give some degree of inversion of control, and how you can bind to complex models.
  • Surprising things your colleagues may not know (C# .NET Generic Constraints) – A useful reminder about creating instances of generic types – showing the dangerous way, and also showing the much safer compiler checked version (an also much simpler)
  • C# Tools – James Nies has gathered together a pretty comprehensive list of C#/.NET tools broken down into a number of classifications – a very useful looking list.
  • Visual Studio Debugging Feature – Tracepoints – Mark Heath highlights an often forgotten Visual Studio Debugging feature which give you debug output without having to modify code adding in Debug.WriteLine statements.
  • Creating high performance WCF services – Scott Weinstein shares some of his findings about performance optimising WCF services for when you need to deal with high volumes of requests
  • What’s in a Job Title – Rod Paddock talks about job titles, software engineering compared to traditional engineering, and a look at some of the agile development best practices.