Mix08 seems to have been like Christmas – lots and lots of new toys to play with! Other than people blogging about these toys, things are a bit quiet.


  • Source Code Outliner Power Toy – Useful looking Visual Studio 2005/2008 extension which give a nice visualisation of the types and members defined in the source file which allows navigation
  • Information

    • SQL Server Data Services – SQL Server Data Services looks like Microsoft’s ‘Data storage in the cloud’ offering – free beta available
    • Singularity RDK – Microsoft release the Singularity RDK 1.1, a source code release of the Microsoft Research Operating System built in managed code
    • How poor IM communication killed the Developer – Derik Whittaker gets his frustrations with inter-developer communication via instant messenger off his chest – I have to say I find IM to be very slow for getting meaning across.
    • A WPF Graph Control Library – Derek Bartram uses WPF to create an extensible graphing control
    • Strings Donít Add Up – Addressing the performance problems of string concatenation, and showing alternative ways
    • LINQ to Life – An implementation of Life using LINQ
    • Happy Rendering Trails with IE8 – Bil Simser looks at some of the new features of IE8