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Afternoon Tea – Monday 8th August

Posted by on 08 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: .NET, Afternoon Tea, Community

Those who follow me on Twitter may recall a few weeks back I mused over doing a daily follow up to the main Morning Brew posting in the afternoon with some of the links that didn’t quite make it into the main Morning Brew. This is where the concept of ‘Afternoon Tea’ came about – and for now I will be occasionally producing these posts to complement The Morning Brew, probably with a more relaxed and varied format than the daily Morning Brew posts. With that introduction out of the way, here is what I have in store today:

Competition – Win a place at the SkillsMatter / London .NET Usergroup Progressive .NET Tutorials

The kind folks at Skills Matter have allowed me 2 tickets to give away for the Progressive .NET Tutorials event being held in London next month. The event is a commercial training opportunity, running over three days (Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th September) and is organised in conjunction with the London .NET UserGroup. Each day features two tracks, with two in-depth sessions / Workshops on each of the tracks from great speakers (many of them with articles which have been featured in The Morning Brew) talking on their areas of authority.

Full details of the event can be found on Skills Matter’s site and you can get £50 off the regular registration fee of £425 using PromoCode PROGNET50 when registering.

As mentioned earlier, I have 2 tickets to give away to lucky readers, so to be in with a chance of winning, let me know what your drink of choice is when you read The Morning Brew by tweeting:


‘Reading @calcock’s #TheMorningBrew with a (cup|mug) of <InsertDrinkHere>


at some point before I publish Friday’s Morning Brew when I will pick (at random, or as close as I can manage) the two lucky winners.

Community Events and News

There are plenty of great Community conferences and community events coming up over the next few months:

If you are involved in running a conference or similar community event either here in the UK, or further afield that you think Morning Brew readers may be interested in then please drop me a note.

Link Overflow

Quite a few people have been emailing me links to articles they have written or found intersting recently – some have made their way into the normal Morning Brew posts, but I’ve also been overrun with good content recently so not as many as I would like have made the transition. If you email me a link that is of Brew interest I generally subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog so I will see future posts when preparing the Morning Brew – and I always welcome link suggestions – if you’ve found something interested, or written something you think the rest of the world needs to see please drop me a note.

So, without further ado, here are a few links which slipped through the cracks:

F# Presentation – Slides and Demos

Posted by on 18 May 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Community, Development, Talks / Presentations

Last Thursday (15th May) I presented at the Liverpool Users of .NET monthly meeting on F#, the Microsoft Research Language demonstrating that the CLR is a good basis for Functional Programming. My talk was mainly a language overview, with the intention to give the audience a grounding upon which they could get started with the language and functional programming in general.

The code samples from the presentation, including one or two I skipped out can be found here:
F# Presentation – Demo Code

My thanks to the audience – you made giving the talk very easy, and enjoyable and especially to Hakim Cassimally for the nice write up of the talk over on his blog.

Getting a good nights sleep – ORM with NHibernate

Posted by on 28 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: .NET, Community, Database, Development, Links, SQL, Talks / Presentations

Getting a good nights sleep - ORM with NHibernate

Last night I gave a presentation to the Liverpool Geekup group about NHibernate, thanks to everyone who came along – you were all a very nice audience. The slides from the presentation entitled Getting a Good Nights Sleep – ORM with NHibernate are available as a PDF, here. There are a number of links in the slides, but here is a more comprehensive list of links that people may find useful or interesting

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