• Announcing TypeScript 1.5 Beta – Jonathan Turner announces the release of TypeScript 1.5’s first beta release, available for Visual Studio 2015 RC, 2013, and as source and npm distributions.
  • Announcing the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio – Anthony Cangialosi announces the release of the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio, part of a new collaboration between Microsoft and GitHub to make working with GitHub, Visual Studio and Azure easier.
  • GitHub Integration in Developer Assistant – Anuj Jain also highlights another GitHub related integration, this time in the Developer Assistant for Visual Studio, which contains the Bing Code Search, and now boasts an integration with GitHub bringing the number of code samples and repositories that can eb searched up to 21 million!
  • GitHub Inside Your Visual Studio – Phil Haack shares the GitHub side of the story along with giving a walkthough of the setup and use of the GitHib Extension.
  • Introducing the Windows 10 Apache Cordova platform – Polita Paulus announces the availability of the Apache Cordova support for Windows 10, allowing Cordova applications to target the Universal Windows Platform
  • Updates for ASP.NET 4.6 – Web Forms/ MVC 5/ Web API 2 – Pranav Rastogi highlights the updates to the ASP.NET 5 Preview included in the Visual Studio 2015 RC release, covering Authentication, HTTP/2 support, Ajax Toolkit and much more
  • Entity Framework and Visual Studio 2015 RC – Rowan Miller gives an update on the Entity Framework contributions to Visual Studio 2015 RC, discussing both the Entity Framework 6.1.3 and Entity Framework 7 Beta 4 releases.
  • Microsoft Edge is the browser for Windows 10 – Kyle Pflug highlights the new official name of Project Spartan, highlighting the changes that this will involve, and some forthcoming events.