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The Morning Brew will be late today

Posted by on 26 Sep 2012 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Hi everyone – Today’s edition is going to be late (I got stuck in bad traffic this morning, so my preparation time was cut to zero). I will be posting an edition around lunchtime today.



The Morning Brew #1196

Posted by on 25 Sep 2012 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew



  • A Bug Report is a Gift – Scott Hanselman discusses the issues surrounding getting good bug reports from people using your software, looking at some approaches taken by larger software companies which you can adopt into your own software
  • Control the Complexity of Your JavaScript Functions with JSHint – Elijah Manor takes a look at how you can explore the complexity of your JavaSCript code using JSHint to provide you with metrics about your code, and takes a look at what those metrics mean.


  • Windows Azure Community Conference CloudBurst 2012 will be streamed Live! – Magnus Mårtensson highlights the Community Windows Azure Conference CloudBurst 2012, which is now practically fully booked, and announces that the conference will be streamed live, giving those not able to attend access to 2 days of great Azure content.
  • DunDDD – DunDDD is a DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper community event being organised in Dundee, Scotland on the Saturday 17th November. This is a free community conference, and the call for speakers is currently open, as too are registrations.

The Morning Brew #1195

Posted by on 24 Sep 2012 | Tagged as: .NET, ASP.NET, C#, COM Interop, Database, Development, Links, Morning Brew, SysAdmin


  • jQuery 1.8.2 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of jQuery 1.8.2, a bugfix and performance regression fix release. As usual the files are available from the jQuery site, and should be making their way to the various content delivery networks.
  • IE 9.0.10 Available via Windows Update – The Internet Explorer Team have released a high importance security patch for Internet Explorer 9 to address recently reported security issues. Additionally there is an update for Internet Explorer 10 to address a Adobe Flash issue.


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