• C#/.NET Little Pitfalls: The Default is to Hide, Not Override – James Michael Hare continues his Little Pitfalls series looking at areas of the .NET Frameworks and C# language which may catch out the unwary developer. In this post James explores the default behaviour of defining a method in a derived class which has the same name as one in the base class.
  • Rx, TPL, Async CTP – Oh My 🙂 – Mike Taulty discusses the Reactive Extensions, Task Parallel Library and Async , sharing three levels of definition of these loosely related topics at different levels of detail
  • What’s all this MapReduce malarkey about then? – ‘Planky’ follows on from the announcement of Project Daytona from Microsoft Research with a discussion of MapReduce, the types of problem it can help solve and some of the background story of MapReduce.
  • Clean Code Versus Great Code – Davy Brion discusses the importance of not being too obsessed with any one aspect of writing code, discussing the trend for writing ‘clean code’ above all other costs resulting in bad design decisions and misuse of libraries
  • TechNet "Build and Print a Book" beta now live – Greg Duncan highlights a nifty looking piece of beta functionality on the TechNet site which allows you to gather up article conent into a collection and then download a PDF of that content for offline reading.
  • Polyglot programming – some lessons learned – Ivan Towlson of Mindscape discusses the lessons they learned in creating Web Workbench using ‘Polyglot Programming’ across C#, F#, Ruby and JavaScript, discussing some of the difficulties in integration, and how Ployglot programming is not something to undertake lightly.
  • Using SQL CE on WP7 Mango – Getting Started – Derik Whittaker takes an introductory look at the use of SQL CE databases in Windows Phone applications, made possible in the Mango release of the Windows Phone OS.
  • The Scrum Guide, 2011 – David Starr highlights the release of the 2011 Scrum Guide from Scrum.Org, a guide to the principles and practices of Scrum (spread over 17 pages). The 2010 guide is also available and has translations into an impressive array of languages.
  • Simple Web Server with PHP Support – Eugene Popov explores the creation of a Web Server in VB.NET which supports running PHP Scripts as well as ASP.NET ASPX pages, an nice article and code sample to help boost your understanding of the types of things that go on in the webserver process we often take for granted.
  • Fifty for Free – 50+ Free .Net Dev’s tools and utilities… – Greg Duncan highlights a collection of over 50 of the DevProConnections Authors favourite free tools including ORM tools, Controls, Content Management Systems, and much more.