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The Morning Brew #59

Posted by on 26 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Normal service has been resumed today – I hope everyone has recovered from yesterdays link overload.


  • VisualSVN Server 1.1 Released – VisualSVN Server is a commercial windows based SVN server – 30 day trial is available, and licenses are $49 per user, with free licenses for active members of open source projects
  • NullObject.For – Paul Stovell has created a tool for unit testing which creates empty implementations of Interfaces to be used when unit testing in the situation where you don’t care about the interactions with that type – i.e Logging


The Morning Brew #58

Posted by on 25 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Lots and lots of links from over the long weekend – so many in fact that I’ve had to introduce some extra headings to help organise them all.




.NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, WCF, LINQ, etc.



  • NetDug Unit Testing – Chris Brandsma summarises a discussion about unit testing held at a User Group Meeting – some interesting thoughts.
  • TDD : Introduction to Rhino Mocks – Stephen Walther runs through the features of Rhino Mocks from the absolute basics of unit testing and mocking through to more advanced situations.
  • Comparing Moq to Rhino Mocks – Phil Haack compares two mocking frameworks for state based testing

The Morning Brew #57

Posted by on 20 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

I had a good day yesterday, attending the UK ‘Heroes Happen {Here}’ launch event – although I’m now rather tired after a very long day.

Today’s Morning Brew is the last for the week – Friday and Monday are public holidays in the UK, and I plan to skip posts on public holidays. The Morning Brew will return on Tuesday with what I expect will be a bumper edition covering the content from the long weekend.


  • DotNetOpenId 0.1.2 Released – David Christiansen highlights the availability of a new version of this .NET implementation of Open ID – now with partial trust support
  • Stand alone FXCop download – Brad Abrams highlights the availability of FxCop 1.35 as a standalone application



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