• Where TDD fails for me - Jimmy Bogard talks about some of his current problem areas when working in a test driven way.
  • Multi-tenancy part 1: Strategy. - Mike Hadlow talks about Multi-Tenancy in Web applications, and considers what strategy will work well for his ECommerce project. Mike and I talked at length about this subject at the UK Alt.Net conference, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how he goes about doing it - can’t wait for part 2.
  • Introducing IronPython - Harry Pierson looks at IronPython in this introductory article, looking at how it differs from C# and VB.NET and yet still allows you to make good use of your .NET experience.
  • XML Documentation File For Your .Net Project - It’s Important - Shahar Y reminds us about the XML Documentation Generation in Visual Studio and how that helps with working with the code in the IDE.
  • Spike Code and Source Control - K. Scott Allen makes some good sense about not throwing away any code by keeping all your spike code in source code control for a number of very good reasons
  • Emergent Complexity - Justin Etheredge talks about complexity in code due to interactions between classes, in the hopes of making people consider complexity when writing their applications
  • Constructors and Inheritance Why is this still so painful? - Tom Hollander talks about the pain points of having lots of constructors that you also want in implemented in subclasses