• IKVM 0.38 Release Candidate 0 - Jeroen Frijters announces the first Release Candidate of IKVM 0.38. IKVM is a Java virtual machine that runs under Mono and the .NET Framework.
  • SequenceViz 0.9 :: WPF based Sequence diagram viewer - Nauman Leghari announces a new release of SequenceViz, an application that allows users to construct UML Sequence diagrams. This update means that the program now uses WPF to draw the diagrams removing some of the issues caused by the old SVG + IE solution.
  • PipelineTesting v1.2.0.0 Released - Tomas Restrepo announces the release of PipelineTesting v1.2.0.0, a library to help the unit testing of pipeline component, schema and that actual pipelines in BizTalk 2006



  • Off Topic: Latte Printer - Latte Art goes high tech with the ability to print designs on to the top of your drink - this looks really cool - I wonder if we will see these in the real world.