• New release - Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces) - Ross Gardler announces the release of a new open source project from Microsoft which provides events from logs and traces as a source for the use of Reactive Extensions and LINQ.
  • WorldWide Telescope celebrates new release - Jonathan Fay announces the version 5 release of the Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope, which is also celebrating its 5th year. This is a fun and interesting educational tool and well worth checking out.


  • But does it quack like a duck? - Phil Haack adds some more to the recent discussion around duck typing
  • Implementing custom password policy using ASP.NET Identity - ’suhasbj’ walks through implementing a custom password policy with the new ASP.NET Identity library
  • JavaScript JSON Date Parsing and real Dates - Rick Strahl discusses the adoption of JSON as the main serialization format in development today and looks at the main pain point, the support for dates.
  • Small Basic Compiler - Phil Trelford continues with his discussion of the implementation of a Small Basic parser, interpreter, and now explores compilation.
  • Separating Concerns -Part 2: Services & CRUD is Not a Service - Chris Patterson shares two articles, one following on from a previous looking at separating concerns in service implementations, and the other discussing the implementation of Create Read Update Delete logic, and how Command Query Separation acts as a better structure.
  • MSDN Magazine - The January edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online with its usual selection of articles covering all aspects of .NET development and further afield as well.


  • Sheffield .NET User Group - The Sheffield .NET Usergroup are meeting tonight (7th Jan) at Tribal in Sheffield for sessions on Testing in F# (from Daley Chetwynd) and Immutable Collections (from John Stovin)
  • Shropshire Dev Net | 16 Jan 2014 - TDD Code Dojo - Shropshire Dev Net’s first meeting of the year is a hands on coding dojo event on Thursday 16th January 2014