• URL rewrite and the www subdomain - Mads Kristensen discusses the importance of a canonical url for your websites, and looks at how the IIS URL Rewriter can help ensure that this is the case for your ASP.NET IIS Hosted sites.
  • C# for Systems Programming - Joe Duffy starts discussion of his recent work looking at brings a set of extension to C# for Systems programming, aiming to find the sweet spot of both performance and safety and productivity.
  • AngularJS - Part 6, Templates - & Part 7, Getting ready to test - Gabriel Schenker continues his series looking at the use of AngularJS exploring templating, examining static, recursive and dynamic templates and also exploring the testing practices to support AngularJS development.
  • Back To Basics: COM Interop and No-PIA - Sasha Goldshtein discusses the importance of COM even in modern development, and how it underpins so much of the ‘modern’ .NET Development Stack.
  • JVM Minimal Survival Guide for the .NET Developer - Hadi Hariri provides an interesting guide to the Java Virtual Machine for developers coming from a .NET background - something that is always important is to look outside of your favoured technology platform and this is a good opportunity to learn a little about the Java world.
  • Understanding Unity Lifetime Managers - Tom DuPont takes a look at the various lifetime management classes available in the Unity Framework, exploring each and their uses.
  • Is use of default parameters/optional arguments a bad practice in C#? (Q263) - Iris Classon shares some thoughts on the use of optional and default parameters and arguments in C#, and whether this is a good practice.