• Visual Studio 2012 Fakes - Part 3 - Observing Stub Behavior - Peter Provost picks up his series looking at the features of the Visual Studio Fakes functionlaity in VS2012 from some time ago, adding a discussion of the verification of stub behaviour, looking at the techniques available in the framework.
  • IDisposable, Done Right - Chris Patterson discusses the correct way of implementing the IDisposable interface, discussing what the interface is intended to do, and why you should implement it in a particular way.
  • Extending Web API Help Page with information from attributes - Filip W. takes a look at adding to the output of the Web API Help Page which generates information about your services, and lookat supplementing it with information from attributes applied to your code.
  • Need to preload assets? Check out PreLoadJS - Susan Ibach highlights PreLoadJS an asset pre-loader for JavaScript based applications which will help meet compliance with application startup times, and improve performance of applications once running.
  • Who could ask for more with LESS CSS? (Part 2 of 3 - Setup) - .ToString(theory) continues looking a the CSS Pre-processor libraries, taking a look in more detail at the setup of the LESS framework