• C# Yellow Book 2012 Now Available - Rob Miles announces the 2012 edition of his C# Yellow Book, a free pdf download now in its 5th year of being updated. This edition contains updates and corrections, along with moving the GUI section onto XAML rather than WinForms.
  • #mvvmlight V4 update for Win8 RTM - Laurent Bugnion has updated his MVVM Light framework for the Windows 8 RTM release, including a few updates, and discusses upgrading your applications to the RTM release in this post.
  • FsCheck 0.8.3 and FsCheck.Xunit 0.3 - Kurt Schelfthout announces the latest versions of FsCheck and , adding support for running tests through NCrunch, and use of Assembly binding redirects to ensure that thte correct versions of assemblies are used.


  • An "is" operator puzzle, part two - Eric Lippert returns with the answer and reasoning behind his latest teaser puzzle looking at the use of the ‘is’ operator in C#
  • Windows 8 productivity: Who moved my cheese? Oh, there it is. - Scott Hanselman gives a nice overview of the new, changed and rearranged features in Windows 8, sharing his own personal feelings on the Windows8 RTM release.
  • Greenfield Development with ASP.NET MVC & S#arp Lite - Day 1 - Billy McCafferty kicks off his new series of posts looking at creating greenfields applications using the ASP.NET MVC stack with his S#arp architecture extensions. This posts is the first real one in the series taking a look at requirements, user stories and actors in the system.
  • Building an End-to-End Windows Store App - Part 1 - S. Somasegar takes a look building Windows Store applications in this first part of a two part series exploring the building of a simple RSS Consuming application using the new tooling and OS.
  • Build Single Page Apps - Part 8 - JavaScript Data Services - John Papa continues his series of posts looking at building single page web applications with a look at Data Access / Data Services features that you need and want to structure your Single Page Applications code in a good, SRP observing way.
  • List of ASP.NET Web API and HttpClient Samples - Henrik F Nielsen highlights a selection of WebAPI and HTTPClient samples available online, covering all aspects of using the latest Web Framework from Microsoft.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Providers - Ricardo Peres discusses the various provider models which permit extensibility of ASP.NET and Web Forms, and looking at new areas of extensibility introduced in ASP.NET 4.0, which many have forgotten about.