Monday is a public holiday here in England, and as Morning Brew tradition stipulates I will not be publishing an issue on Monday, and having a lie-in instead. The Morning Brew will return as usual on Tuesday. Have a good weekend everyone.


  • Announcing the Release of SignalR 0.5.3 - Brady Gaster and the SignalR team make the official announcement of version 0.5.3 of SignalR, highlighting new and improved cross domain connection support, client side hubs for improved javascript syntactix sugar, enhanced logging and much more.
  • node.js - Version 0.8.8 (stable) - The Node.js team announce their 0.8.8 stable release available on the usual array of platforms, and including updates of the V8 engine and npm, as well as a number fo platform specific fixes for each platform.
  • JavaScript improvements in ReSharper 7 - Hadi Hariri discusses the improved JavaScript features of ReSharper 7, discussing how the tooling help you write safer more correct code by providing some compiler / linting like behaviours
  • Microsoft and Design: The New Logo - Seth Eliot highlights the new Microsoft Logo, unveiled yesterday, also taking a look at some of the other Microsoft Product logos.