• Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing – Terry Myerson announces the key milestone in the Windows Phone 7 project, the Release to Manufacturing of the OS to the handset manufacturers allowing them to do the final integration work to bring Windows Phone 7 to their devices and networks
  • New Silverlight 4 Service Release 4.0.50826.0 – John Papa highlights an updated Silverlight 4 Service Release complete with an updated SDK release. Key features of this release are improvements to applications start up time, out of browser support for the mouse wheel on Mac, DRM Media and memory leak fixes, and a fix for users who are trialling LightSwtich.
  • Release Day: ReSharper 5.1.1; dotCover and dotTrace RCs – JetBrains announce the latest maintenance release of ReSharper, along with release candidates of dotCover and dotTrace and pricing information for their actual release. The ReSharper release brings with it improved performance and stability in Visual Studio 2010, and updates the NUnit version used for the Test Runner
  • Emacs Emulation Extension Now Available! – Brittany Behrens announces the release of a free Visual Studio Extension which brings the Emacs keyboard bindings to the Visual Studio 2010 environment
  • PublicResourceCodeGenerator now works with Visual Studio 2010 – Guy Smith-Ferrier releases an update to his PublicResourceCodeGenerator which creates strongly typed resource classes allowing you to use resx files with Silverlight. This updated release supports Visual Studio 2010, 2008 and 2005, and full source is available.
  • NHibernate Mapping Generator 2.0 Beta 2 – The second beta release of the NHibernate Mapping Generator 2.0 project has been released. This project aims to make it easy to construct NHibernate mappings (fluent and HBM) and Domain Classes directly from your database tables.


  • The Future of Silverlight – Brad Becker talks about the role of standards in Silverlight’s development and future, along with discussing how Silverlight fits in with many of the concepts of HTML 5, supplementing rather than replacing functionality provided there.
  • Now Available: patterns & practices Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET – J.D. Meier highlights the latest Patterns and Practices book which covers a variety of design patterns for working with parallel programming using the Task Parallel Library. As is usual with Patterns and Practices books, the full text is available on MSDN, with Print and E-book versions available from O’Reilly.
  • PragPub – September 2010 – The Pragmatic Bookshelf releases Issue 15 of their electronic magazine PragPub. Articles this month include Agile Flash Cards, Trust in Agile teams, discussions of improving quality of software and a look back at the first human look robot. As usual, the magazine is available in a variety of formats (HTML, PDF, EPUB, etc)
  • Inside the "Default Browser Switcher" extension – Victor Garcia Aprea discusses the creation of the Default Browser Switcher extension, inspired by the recent post from Scott Hanselman examining the actual switching process. In this post Victor explores the use of the VSPackage Builder to create the extension
  • Think Twice Before You Map Entities To DTOs – Davy Brion looks at some of the alternative ways NHibernate allows you to populate Data Transfer Objects from the data that would be in your entities, exploring the performance cost versus amount of code of the options.
  • Castle Windsor – resolve dependencies on an existing object instance – Giorgetti Alessandro shares some helper extension methods which bring Unity like BuildUp functionality to Castle Windsor allowing you to populate dependencies on an existing object using the Windsor container.
  • Applying Interface Segregation to Configuration Files – Steve Smith looks at how you can improve the configuration of your applications by remembering the Interface segregation principle and breaking your configuration up into sections which relate to specific features / behaviours
  • Daddy, tell me that story about the ‘big brown bear, who loved to write software’ again (because I don’t want to be THAT bear, he’s a bad bear!)… – Greg Duncan highlights a light hearted re-telling of ‘The Big Brown Bear’ children’s story applied to software development by Joseph Cooney


  • Internationalizing Silverlight 4 – Guy Smith-Ferrier highlights his presentation to the London Silverlight User Group on Wednesday 15th September 2010 where he will be focusing on Internationalization concepts and the internationalization features of Silverlight, and also announces that he will be delivering a session on Internationalizing Silverlight at the Internationalization and Unicode Conference in California in October.
  • Ed Lambda (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Meetup – Ed Lambda, a Functional Programming Usergroup based in Edinburgh, will be meeting to discuss all things functional programming (ranging from languages such as F#, Haskell, Clojure, etc, to tools and functional programming theory) on Monday 13th September in Malone’s Irish Bar in Edinburgh